May 7 2012, 15:10



A premium multisensorial experience at PZero’s flagship store in Milan. Between memory and vision.

Pirelli Corso Venezia is much more than a concept store. It’s a space that intercepts and converges on new paradigms in contemporary living.
The atmosphere in the Corso Venezia flagship store is strongly infused with a form of design thinking that crosses boundaries to cover the different worlds Pirelli works in. Continuous creative combinations allow visitors to come up with their own customised route.
The rubber carpet and tread marks on the asphalt guide visitors through different parts of the store.
In the 1500 square metre space on two levels, glamour meets industrial design and the workshop becomes a showroom, in a mix permitting sharing of excellence and aesthetic tangibility.
In short, designing a premium experience!
A subtle scent of rubber, the materials present in the store (cement, tiles, steel), different industrial sounds and noises in each part of the shop, hi-tech installations warmed up by the sustainable light of LEDs and industrial components converted into items of furniture offer an outstandingly sensitive, emotional experience.
Elements and component reconciling practicality with the pleasures of the senses.
The premium experience is boosted by a new version of memories featuring collective icons, objects and images from Pirelli’s past tracing a path toward the visionary vocation of the PZero brand.
Photos, memorabilia and details recall Pirelli Milano’s foundation in 1872
The evocative power and intensity of stories combine with contemporary elements to form a creative new dimension in premium urban sportswear.
Pirelli Corso Venezia is a visionary challenge which is also highly pragmatic in terms of conventional retail, with its high potential for innovation, as demonstrated for instance by the presence of targeted services and original solutions aiming in the direction of excellence and quality.
This the reason for the idea of customising products such as sneakers: Be Spoke tailoring is still possible in the Pirelli Corso Venezia flagship store.
Pirelli Corso Venezia is proof that a store designed this way can tell a story, entertain customers and get them involved.