Apr 12 2012, 14:26



A capsule collection of shoes created by the actor-director and PZero.

It isn’t a simple thing defining John Malkovich.
As well as acting in film and the theatre, and producing films, the American actor has for several years been collecting fabrics, sewing and designing clothes.
His label is “Technobohémian”, a neologism inspired by “Roqk”, the novel by the neuroscientist Simone Ramilli. “In a world in which everything depends on technology, being bohemian gives one greater room to move,” says the actor stylist.
Despite its origins and name, Malkovich’s enterprise is wholly Tuscan. In Prato, next to its mediaeval walls, he has opened the “Opificio JM”, a high level concept store, a boutique of Tuscan artisanal design, fashion and food.
His fashion creations are soft jackets in light colours with an essential line.
For his first range of shoes, he teamed up with Pirelli PZero to create a capsule collection for men, which will be on sale exclusively at the Pirelli Corso Venezia flagship store in Milan.
The Boho capsule (Boho from bohemian) is made up of a “polacchino” in canvas and denim, with multi-coloured internal lining (Boholacchino) and a sneaker in denim with an application in vacchetta and point in suede. Both models have pneumatic soles in white Pirelli PZero rubber. The two models are also available in laser perfed calf.
The collaboration between Pirelli and John Malkovich is not in fact new. In 2005, the actor was the protagonist, together with Naomi Campbell, of a Pirelli short film entitled The Call and directed by Antoine Fuqua. The Call was the first of Pirelli’s innovative shorts , an alternative communications tool that leverages the internet-cinema connection and supports traditional media.