Jul 26 2012, 15:26

PZero’s origins: fashion in the Pirelli’s history.


The relationship between Pirelli and fashion, which brought about the PZero brand, has its roots in the company’s history. Since it was first founded, Pirelli has contributed not only to industry but also to the history of social mores as well, thanks to constant research into and innovation of rubber, which was then applied to clothing and accessories.

From raincoats to boots, work clothes to elegant overcoats, Pirelli Confezioni, as the garment division was known, managed to create a relationship between industry and fashion, which quite naturally developed into the PZero project. The production facility for raincoats and overcoats is located in Arona.

The Confezioni Pirelli logo is by painter, Bramante Buffoni: two suns, a crying one and a smiling one represent practicality and elegance come rain or come shine. The advertising campaigns in the beginning of the 1950’s were assigned to the fashion designer Jeanne Grignani. During the economic boom it was photography that revealed Pirelli’s selection of styles, colours and materials.

Contemporary Milan was the focal point of the campaigns, for example in the 1959 campaign for raincoats by Ugo Mulas which was shot in the Pirelli skyscraper, one of Milan’s landmarks. But the real news arrived in the sixties with innovative patents in the waterproof textile area with “lana lana elastomerizzato”(elastomerized wool) a fabric with an ultra thin layer of a composite material created out of natural rubber and synthetic vulcanized rubber; the “duplex coat”, two layers of cotton that hold air; “sporting”, a wool tweed with a rubber finish; “wool rub” created by using two different kinds of wool that were treated in a special way. Innovation, style, quality and iconic reference points, these were Pirelli garments’ key qualities. And PZero carries on the tradition.

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