Mar 26 2012, 10:37

PZero and Diego Dolcini


Pzero’s urban design meets the sinuous glamour of Diego Dolcini’s fashions. Diego Dolcini is the shoe designer. He loves to call himself the “red carpet shoe designer”. Pirelli PZero invited Diego Dolcini onto its rubber carpet, where he became so enamoured with the PZero mood that he decided to restyle one of his women’s shoes in Pzero’s urban style. Typical Pirelli materials and icons – rubber, contrasts between shiny and matt, visual power, performance design – meet Dolcini’s sinuous lines and extreme glamour. Contrasts that attract and come together in an innovative combination of two different experiences. The result is two premium styles: rubber biker boots with patent leather edge trim and straps and rubber-coated buckles, featuring the historic Pirelli logo with the star in relief on the uppers, with a rubber sole and heel marked with the unmistakeable tyre tread. Elegant sandals with patent leather strips, made of elastic and soft nappa leather with a matt leather base, available in black, navy blue and burgundy. The partnership with Diego Dolcini has resulted in better definition of the Pirelli PZero style for women. Unlike many sportswear brands which are gradually becoming more and more glam, Pzero does not aim for high fashion, but waits for high fashion to evolve in the direction of its urban sportswear. The inspiration is what goes on backstage, behind the scenes in the world of glamour. Not the perfect idol of beauty we see on the catwalk, but the authentic, relaxed beauty of everyday life. An active woman who experiences her own beauty and femininity spontaneously and wholesomely in her leisure time. On her way to a rock concert on her motorbike. The two styles go on sale in Pirelli’s Corso Venezia flagship store and through the Pirelli Pzero distribution network in September.