Jan 10 2014, 17:18



PZero presents a collection in Florence that is even more closely linked to the Pirelli world, including Driving Experience, SOTTOZERO™ and Sport Inspired. The stand is inspired by iconic urban topography from the Pirelli Foundation.

For the 85th edition of Pitti Uomo, PZero (Pirelli) is presenting a project for autumn-winter 2014-2015 that is divided into three themes (SOTTOZERO™, Driving Experience and Sport Inspired).
All the projects are united by their deep connection with Pirelli, based on inspiration, know-how and iconic references, as is shown by the stand at the Fortezza da Basso, which is inspired by drawings and images from the archives of the Pirelli Foundation. The theme is the road and travel, and each project takes a particular path through the entire stand that, thanks to the mirrored panels and iconographic signs, is turned into an installation.

SOTTOZERO™: the same name as the Pirelli winter tyre. The compound used on the sole of these shoes is derived from the same one used in the Pirelli SOTTOZERO™ high performance tyre.
The engineers from the Pirelli Tyre division have used the tread pattern from the outsole, made with the same technology used in the tyre compound, in order to ensure improved grip in the rain, ice and snow.

The shoes that use this moulded sole have a typical outdoor style, but with an urban flavour such as Wellington boots and ankle boots in calfskin or rubberised calfskin, as well as classic English shoes, lace ups, zip booties and Chelsea boots, with leather welts. This last style represents the option for Urban Dress, or more formal footwear that combines classic styling with a comfortable fit and with the performance from a high-grip outsole obtained through the use of the compound and tread from the SOTTOZERO™ tyre.

At the Pitti stand, the SOTTOZERO™ shoes will be placed in a glass display case with an “ice effect”.
The SOTTOZERO™ concept is also adapted to outerwear, like the down jacket in light nylon characterised by the radial tread design of the Pirelli SOTTOZERO™ tyre, and the asphalt and black colours that are reminiscent of tyres and the road.
The other outerwear contains original details linked to the Pirelli world: The new car coat from the simple line is characterised by the radial neck, with a zip that regulates the outer hood, which is turned into a kind of airbag. In addition, the details on the shoulders are taken from the world of motorsport and are reminiscent of the clothing worn by Pirelli technicians at the racing circuits.
The urban parka, with very clean and simple lines, has an extensible and detachable hood and reflex details. Here the radial theme is based around the enveloping neck guard and the functional details in rubber (shoulders, buttons, taping). Finally, the SOTTOZERO™ jacket has the same neck as the car coat plus a rubberised shoulder with a SOTTOZERO™ tyre track.
The collection also features outerwear in shearling combined with rubber or with padded nylon and rubber coated mesh from the sporting world.

DRIVING EXPERIENCE: this is one of the central themes of PZero. It features the footwear line called Rubber Heritage, the lighter and more flexible redesign of the traditional urban shoes from PZero: the innovation here is the desert boot in rubberised leather or split leather with inserts and edging in rubberised material to protect it from the elements. This project also includes a redesign of Driving shoes with the new Graingy moccasins with a micro-perforated midsole between the outsole and the tube that allows additional comfort against the cold of winter.
To complete this range, a major overhaul was made of the historic Rex sneaker, which was also developed in a high cut version, the High Rex. From New Rex, the urban sneaker in leather, which incorporates the Pirelli heritage, and John Rex, with details in carbon and rubber, to the new Bobby Rex, the most innovative and iconic version, whose character is emphasised by the addition of spoilers with a high tech flavour, in clear reference to the world of racing circuits, enhanced by high frequency customisations.
Meticulous attention to the use of materials and colouring: colours which are never garish and the use of all shades of grey.
There is also a combination of materials in outerwear. The jacket and vest are made of ripstop material combined with quilted, papery, light-weight nylon with the radial pattern from the SOTTOZERO™ tyre.
From the world of footwear comes the inspiration for leather jackets matched with stitching and neoprene side panels that make one’s movements more agile. The moulded shoulder pads typical of the biker world feature protective details in neoprene with a radial print. The sweatshirts have rubberised details, with faded or embroidered prints, while the graphics on the T-shirts are inspired by the designs and graphics from the Pirelli Foundation archive. These are in turn inspired by a modern idea of ​​urbanisation, made up of streets, intersections and bridges: a topography seen with a contemporary eye which has greatly inspired the concept behind the stand at Pitti.

SPORT INSPIRED: as regards footwear comes the Volley, a vintage sports sneaker, a winning summer item now extended into autumn-winter.
Along these lines we also find the new urban running sneaker with EVA (ethyl vinyl acetate) base in ivory, black or kiwi.
For clothing we can highlight the ultra-light goose down jacket with a quilted hood in a radial shape and a range of sweatshirts and T-shirts featuring sporting or retro looks, also inspired by the sketches from the Pirelli Foundation archive, with the redesign of the iconic Pirelli lucky number images being combined with radial prints to emphasise the link with the world of motorsport.