Mar 25 2012, 10:32

Burton for Pirelli PZero Fall/Winter 2012


A partnership with a leading snowboard brand. For speed, grip and style.

There are brands and worlds that may seem far apart but actually converge on shared attitudes, passions and values.
For example, Pirelli PZero and Burton, an American brand which is an institution on the snowboard scene, respected and followed by a huge community of snowriders. Speed and control, power and technology are only a few of the elements the two brands share.

There are graphic and iconic universes so powerful they stick in your mind, going beyond the boundaries of time and discipline. Such as the races of the 70s or the colours black and gold, bringing to mind images of glamour and performance.
Pirelli’s partnership with Burton picks up on all these elements and gives them concrete form in a complete snowboard set.
The main product is the Burton ION boot with a Pirelli sole: top of the range, lightweight, high performance, with the addition of Pirelli’s rubber mix specially designed for snowriders and design inspired by the snow tyre.

The Mystery snowboard is Burton’s lightest snowboard yet, agile and fast, in glossy black with gold details. Like a Pirelli race car.
And finally, 2013 Burton Diode EST Made for Pirelli bindings permit total control under all circumstances. Maximum performance with minimum weight. Here too, the automobile metaphor is obvious.
The boots will be on sale in Burton stores all over the world starting in August 2012 and in the Pirelli Corso Venezia flagship store in Milan. Boards and bindings will be sold exclusively at the flagship store or the 2012-2013 winter season.