Mar 20 2012, 18:15


Custom tailored sneakers. Uniqueness, excellence and craftsmanship. The originality and intensity typical of a “one-of-a-kind” product is no longer a luxury for a privileged elite. In clothing as in many other sectors, these are the elements that are attracting interest and intense passion, generating growing demand. Standardisation was once the only way to be global, but now increasingly universal demand will more and more often be met by one-of-a-kind products. This is the reasoning behind the idea of applying Be Spoke tailoring, customisation, to products such as sneakers. In the Pirelli Corso Venezia flagship store in Milan, PZero Be Spoke sneakers are cut, built and customised to measure. They are the first sneakers made with using the “reverse” handcrafting technique, that is, they are sewn inside-out, then turned the right way round and reshaped. They are also the first sneakers with a leather sole. They can be customised in the colour of the laces, the leather and the rubber bases (Pirelli has come up with six different mixes, the same as those used in Grand Prix tyres). Uppers are available in leather, suede and precious materials such as crocodile, rayskin, snakeskin and iguana.