Feb 29 2012, 15:23

Pirelli Pzero 660

Pirelli PZero Gommoni 600-600download tech notes

Sport Boat fast and comfortable, perfect for skiing and diving. Fine details in teak and steel.

One boat designed around a step hull, with the objective being both speed and comfort. It’s an elegant Sport Boat, made to arrive first at their destination, at the chosen haven or mooring. But it is also extremely versatile boat: ideal for water skiing and diving, thanks to the cleanness and simplicity of the deck.A number of features stand out: the two large teak gangways, leading from the stern to the living area, the large sun deck, the clean and generouslysized central console, the robustness and practicality of the stainless steel checkrails, providing safe grip at any point on the boat. Other details reveal the boat’s style: foldaway mooring cleats, a sun awning that can be opened in seconds and the option to install a stereo with four loudspeakers.